Sunday, January 21, 2007


I was finally refunded the $100 overcharge on January 17th, and given a $50 credit for the hassle. I've had some more issues (such as not allowing a campaign with a $55/month limit go over $37, even though it is set to spend the budget as quickly as possible). adCenter needs a LOT of work as of now, if Microsoft wants adCenter to become a competitive product.

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MindOverMatter said...

I also have had problems. They restarted my account without my consent and never sent emails about the charges. Prior to me pausing the account in June, there was no delete feature to delete your ad campaign. The charges just started on their own and when I mentioned lawyer to the friendly rep. she said "OH IF YOU BRING THE WORD LAWYER INTO THIS CONVERSATION, I WILL HAVE TO END THE CALL" What a Bi--h. Anyway, she said thaty she would see what she can do, BUT "she can't promise anything" WTF. How did this become my fault? They are scamming people by making "accidental" changes in your account and assuming that most people won't notice and the ones that do, no big deal. This is a class action suit about to happen. Check your bank accounts! Email me if you notice something.